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Studios that Offer Ongoing (Drop-In) Classes

The following videos illustrate how a YogaReg system can help studios that don't require students to register for a class to attend. These studios offer a variety of classes, and students attend any class they like. Students can pay for a single class, or buy a pass that gives them a discount over the single class price.

Setup This demo shows how to setup YogaReg for use with drop-in/ongoing classes (3 minutes, 18 seconds)
Student Purchase This demo shows how students can use the YogaReg system to purchase passes (class bundles) to attend classes instead of paying for a class at the studio. (3 minutes, 32 seconds)
Student Check-In This demo shows how the YogaReg check-in site can be used to check students into a class to record their attendance and debit their pass (class bundle). (4 minutes, 46 seconds)
Reports This demo shows a sample of reports available from the YogaReg private / adminstrative site. (3 minutes, 46 seconds)

Studios that Offer Classes in Sessions
The following videos pertain to studios that hold classes in sessions and require students to register for a class to attend during the session. Students register for and attend the the same class every week for each week in the session.

Our video selection is currently very limited; if your studio holds classes in sessions, please contact us to arrange for a live system demo.

Drop-Ins and Attendance Tracking This demo shows how you can allow drop-ins, even if your studio primarily holds classes in sessions and requires registrations. This video also shows how you can track attendance of your registered students. (5 minutes, 51 seconds)
Live Demo
Our live demo is a full, working version of, customized for a ficticious studio named "Summer Sky Yoga". This is a fully functioning system, complete with its own database. We would be happy to provide you with a guided tour of the system via telephone. Simply contact us and we will gladly show you the system and answer any questions you may have.

If you would rather explore the demo on your own, that's fine too, however, we ask that you contact us to obtain a username and password for the system. Once you obtain a username and password, feel free to enter any data you want, as long as it is not offensive to others. And please, if you choose to delete data, only delete what you have entered.

We have gone with a theme of presidents and first ladies for instructors, and cartoon characters as students ... get creative ... we love entries that make us laugh!

You can demo the management site, designed for use by staff and instructors, here:Management Site
(Contact us for username and password)

You can demo the public site, designed for use by students, here: Public Site
(Contact us for username and password)

You can demo the check-in site, designed for use with drop-in classes, here: Check-In Site
(Contact us for username and password)

When you sign up with, you get a customized version of all of these sites, with your own, private database. Enjoy your demo, and please contact us with any questions.

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