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This new class is for those who want to enhance their health & well-being thru the Eastern concepts and "Internal Forms /exercises of Tai Chi & Qi Gong, but have no experience. You'll enjoy learning from a Grandmaster how these ancient practices can lead to better posture/balance; more efficient breathing; increased strength/muscle tone/range of motion and improved mental focus all while training the body/mind/spirit to move in harmony. You'll also be introduced to Corrective Functionality exercises used by orthopedic physical therapists to improve body alignment & prevent injury. Ideal for those seeking a form of exercise with low impact to the joints, including people who have had hip/knee replacement surgery. The presentation of the "Internal Forms" (Nei Chi Chuan) in this class is especially directed toward the absolute beginner.

NEW class for Beginners!

Spring 2018


4:15 PM until 5:15 PM (60 Minutes)

McLean / Purple
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Master Jeff Cook

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