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Come sample Dream’s new class (starting 9/17) with weights. Learn how yoga & strength training go hand-in-hand to help you realize all the physical benefits of yoga…including improving muscle tone, flexibility, posture & balance…faster. Combining free weights with yoga is an efficient way to address modern-day physical challenges brought on by sitting too long at the computer and living longer. It helps boost metabolism, calorie burning, endurance, focus, bone density & fights the effects of the aging process. Weights help stabilize your body (strengthening deep core muscles) and engage you more deeply into the yoga postures. The principals of yoga–safe alignment, pose options, movement with breath & mindfulness—add a much-needed dimension to the typical physical workout, helping you avoid injury and burn out. Class includes pranayama (breathing practices) and some yoga philosophy, and ends with guided relaxation/meditation. Weights provided. Some yoga experience recommended.

Some Yoga experience recommended. $15 at door.

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5:00 PM until 6:20 PM (80 Minutes)

McLean / Green
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Nevin Turk, 500 KYT & RYT

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