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The “real yoga” is about stilling the mind—to draw the mental energies inward to tap the amazing resources we have deep within us to heal & transform. In meditation, we can experience a more expansive feeling of consciousness & our deepest truth. We end up moving through our world with greater ease, alertness, creativity, awe. In this new course, we’ll practice various forms of meditation to see what works for YOU!--including guided experiences in both sitting, lying & moving meditation; mindfulness techniques & mantra; and meditation on the instincts(chakras), elements & prana…with the aim of helping you establish a daily practice that’s not only DOABLE, but one you look forward to! WE’LL EXPLORE: How to get started with meditation, overcome obstacles, & deepen your practice. How meditation can support, or exist independently, of a yoga practice. Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system & steady the mind. Simple yoga movements to support your practice. FOR Beginners & Explorers.

NEW MINI-COURSE! After 2/6, email Luann for admission. No Drop Ins

Winter 2018


7:00 PM until 8:30 PM (90 Minutes)

McLean / Green
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Luann Fulbright, E-RYT 500 & Certified Yoga Therapist

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