Pricing is a service that takes away your administrative burden so you can concentrate on the aspects of the business you love. We are your software, your enterprise quality database, your IT staff, your high-powered computer, and your backup/emergency recovery plan.

Free Setup
Our free setup provides you with your own branded site along with your own database instance (not shared with other studios). This site will include a header graphic that you supply, and all invoices and account statements will include a logo that you supply. Also included is a one-time data import of your student data from your current system.

Usage Fees:

Pay as You Go:
Pay as you go pricing is ideal for smaller businesses that process less than 1,200 registrations per year or have less than 12,000 drop-in class attendees, or less than 6,000 private sessions.

$1.00 USD per class or workshop registration processed
$0.10 USD per student check-in for drop-in classes
$0.20 USD per student check-in for private session

A $15.00 USD minimum monthly fee applies. (If we add up your fees for a month and the fee is less than $15.00, it will be rounded up to $15.00)

Monthly pricing is designed for businesses that process more than 1,200 registrations per year, have more than 12,000 drop-in class attendees, or more than 6,000 private sessions.

$99.00 USD per month

(The monthly pricing option is limited to businesses that process less than 10,000 registrations or 50,000 drop-in attendees per year. If you are a very high volume studio, contact us for pricing.)

Not Included: Credit Card Payment Gateway and Processing Fees
When we set-up your system, we allow you to choose to process student payments on-line via credit cards. We currently support the Authorize.Net payment gateway. We will gladly configure your customized site to use Authorize.Net to process on-line payments; however, the fees associated with the access to and other fees associated with your merchant account are not the responsibility of We are an Authorize.Net preferred reseller, so if you need an Authorize.Net account and/or merchant account, we'll be happy to help get you on your way to fully automated student purchases and registrations.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

Constant Contact E-Mail Marketing
We are a Constant Contact business partner and recommend their services for e-mail marketing. Yogareg integrates with Constant Contact to help keep your contact lists in Constant Contact updated when students are added or updated in Yogareg. Click the logo below for more information on Constant Contact or to sign up for a free 60 day trial with no obligation. If you decide to become a Constant Contact customer, charges for their system are not included in your fees; they are payable directly to Constant Contact.

Software Customizations Available
If needs changes to meet your current business model, contact us to discuss the possibilities. In many cases, if a change you require would be applicable to other studios, we will make the change free of charge.

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