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If you have questions or are experiencing problems, please read the
Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting sections below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've forgotten my login/password, what can I do?
• Go to the sign-on page and click the "Forgot your login or password?" link.
How do I change my password?
• Click "my account" in the navigation bar and select "Change Password" on the "Account Information" page.
How can I update my address and change my other personal settings?
• Click "my account" in the navigation bar and select "Edit Personal Info" on the "Account Information" page.
How can I see a history of my transactions?
• Click "my account" in the navigation bar and select "Transaction History" on the "Account Information" page.
How do I see my current Class and Workshop registrations?
• Click "my purchases" in the navigation bar or at the bottom of any page.
How do I drop a Class or Workshop?
• Click "my purchases" and choose "request drop". This will notify our staff of your desire to drop the Class or Workshop. You will be contacted by our staff when your drop has been processed.
How do I transfer from a Class?
• Click "my purchases" and choose "request transfer". You will be prompted to select a Class to transfer into. Once you submit your transfer request our staff will be notified. You will be contacted when the transfer has been processed.
Why can't I register other people with my account?
•  You can add family members to your account by clicking "my account" and adding family members in the Family section. Once you have added family members to your account you can choose the family member to be registered when you add a Class or Workshop to your cart. All purchases made for family members will appear in your account.
Why can't I call for help with this system?
• We have limited resources and cannot attend to every request by phone. Please read our troubleshooting section below if you are having problems and/or submit a request for help below. If online registration proves too troublesome, please consider submitting a traditional, paper registration


Try these simple steps before submitting a request for help below.
Verify that you have a compatible browser and that it is set to run javascript. The following browsers are compatible and have been tested with this system:
• Netscape 6.x and higher
• Internet Explorer 5.x and higher
• Safari, version 1.x and higher
• Mozilla browsers like Firefox and Camino work fine too

If you think you have the correct login and password but still cannot login,
• make sure you are entering both exactly as they should be with the proper case. In other words, if your login is "jsmith", entering "jSmith" will return an error. Both login and password are case-sensitive.
• if you still have problems, click the "Forgot your login or password?" link on the login page.

If you cannot find your discount, keep in mind that
• discounts are applied by you in the shopping cart;
• you can apply only one discount per transaction;
• discounts are available during certain times in a session. Please read our policies page for more information;
• subsequent class price reductions and pro-rating are handled automatically by the system. When these apply to your purchase, you will see an indication in the shopping cart.

If your credit card is declined, make sure you are entering all of the following correctly:
• card number
• card holder's name
• expiration date
• card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

If all else fails, register with paper. Complete information on how to submit a paper registration can be found here.

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